Hotspots are ubiquitous in interactive 360° VR experiences. In the most general sense, hotspots are just predefined locations on your 360° image or video. At the hotspot, your app might show an icon, or some text, or even another image, which allows you to draw the user’s attention to it or let them interact with it.

With copernic360 your 360° experience is given a sense of depth. Therefore, it’s important that your hotspots are located at the right position in 3D space, so that they appear to be correctly attached to the scene.

That’s why we have added new helper functionality to copernic360 which positions your hotspots automatically to keep them aligned with your 360° content.

This new feature is coming to the public release of copernic360 soon and we have already had a successful pilot using it to great effect. If you’re interested in using hotspots with copernic360 today just drop us a message to enquire about early access.