copernic worlds are next-generation photorealistic virtual worlds, constructed purely from 360° imagery, that can be enjoyed either on the web or in VR. In copernic worlds, you’re free to move anywhere to explore the virtual world.

Since you’re free to move anywhere, and are no longer frozen to camera positions, copernic worlds creates a much more immersive experience than traditional virtual tours.

copernic worlds democratises the construction of photorealistic next-generation virtual worlds that you can seamlessly explore for virtual tours, novel forms of interactive storytelling, and more.


copernic worlds are constructed purely from 360° photos or videos captured with consumer-grade 360° cameras, making acquisition fast and easy. Any environment is supported, including indoor, outdoor, a mixture, or anything else. copernic worlds then allows you to move anywhere to fly through large-scale virtual worlds.

Fast and easy acquisition

Any scene

Move anywhere seamlessly

Building on our copernic360 technology, copernic worlds brings movement to virtual scenes, allowing you to walk inside 360° content. In VR this eliminates visual-vestibular conflict, the biggest cause of motion sickness in today’s experiences, and greatly enhances immersion and presence.

Brings movement

Eliminates cyber motion sickness

Enhances presence

copernic worlds can be experienced either on the web or in VR. On the web, copernic worlds can be embedded in your site or hosted on our site. All of the major VR headsets are supported.



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copernic worlds can also be embedded directly in your site. We can also offer branded copernic world viewers which fit into your corporate identity.