We are excited to announce that the first pilot with copernic360 has now been completed!

Reality Check Productions are a London based company whose skill set spans across Tech, Arts and Education. They find new and exciting ways to engage larger audiences using immersive media and advanced tech for artistic endeavors. Kagenova was fortunate to collaborate with Reality Check Productions from start to finish on the production of their VR dance workshop app.

“Having 6DOF was central to this project as we were actively inviting the user to dance within the experience. Therefore, their physical movements had to match with what they were experiencing in the headset, otherwise the experience would have felt extremely uncomfortable and motion sickness would have been a nightmare. Not only did the user need to be able to move, but those movements in the headset had to be fluid, fast and accurate… This would have been impossible using any other technology as the sense of realism a 360 video offers – especially when you add 6DOF with copernic360 – is beyond comparison.” — Thomas Winsor

It was exciting to work from seed idea with such an engaging company, who are helping to broaden audiences for art and education.

During the process, Kagenova provided support and created bespoke new features (hotspots) for copernic360, which was used in the new dance app.

“The technical support was exceptional… they went above and beyond to assist us… We thoroughly enjoyed working with Kagenova.” — Thomas Winsor

We look forward to working again with our friends at Reality Check Productions in the future.

Watch this space for more copernic360 pilots coming soon.

If you are interested in a pilot with copernic360, please get in touch.