As one of the companies selected for the Vive X Accelerator Programme in 2018, Kagenova joined the graduating class on the 4th June, 2019 to showcase at the Demo Day in San Francisco!

The Demo Day showcased 17 major startup companies in the development of AR and VR who were part of the global Vive X Accelerator Programme in 2018–2019 and took place at different events around the world. Kagenova showcased at the London Demo Day on the 23rd May and San Francisco on the 4th June 2019.

In San Francisco we joined our fellow alumni and pitched to investors and companies working in the field of AR and VR. Here we showed copernic360, which received a lot of interest from companies within Virtual and Augmented worlds!

It was a fantastic event, celebrating innovative work from new companies and displayed a positive direction for the future and evolution of Virtual Reality!