We were thrilled to be selected in 2018 as one of three startup companies in Europe developing virtual and augmented reality for HTC’s Vive X Accelerator Programme! Kagenova was spotted for its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) in developing and improving AR and VR worlds.

The programme provided access to extensive support from leading industry experts, opportunities to meet and pitch to major investors from venture capital firms and demonstrate our product at the Vive X events both in London and San Francisco.

The programme ended with a Demo Day in London, where we pitched to investors and demonstrated our new product, copernic360. This was followed by drinks in the Houses of Parliament.

“The mission of Vive X is to cultivate, foster and grow the entire XR ecosystem. We’re excited that the technology that Kagenova has generated interest from many studios and developers, helping them build the next generation of even more immersive experiences.” — Dave Haynes, Director of Vive X Europe