We have been nominated for Digital Catapult’s new Platinum Awards to celebrate the top innovative digital tech startups in the UK.

Digital Catapult has identified Kagenova for its novel approach to solving problems in VR by developing deep tech to engineer realism and interactivity at the same time and scale. These new, immersive technologies are powered by Kagenova’s novel artificial intelligence (AI) methods, which are tailored to virtual reality.

In 2018 Kagenova was selected for the Augmentor accelerator. The programme provided valuable advice, mentorship and introductions to key players in the immersive industry. Kagenova joined the MI Garage in 2019, gaining targeted support for AI-focused startups, both in terms of business support and connections to others in the AI industry.

Both VR and AI are undergoing technological revolutions and are poised to bring significant new contributions to the UK economy. At Kagenova we’re developing new technology to move both industries forward and draw valuable connections between them.