Covid-19 has turned life as we knew it on its head. In the space of days, human activity had to drastically change to save lives, with international travel, visiting cafes, bars and restaurants, and many other outdoor and social activities now a distant memory.

Of course everyone wants to be productive with their time and to still have exciting experiences, yet we all have to adapt to a new reality; and that means largely staying indoors. This is where VR can really help.

With quarantine still ongoing for many people, here are some cool and exciting VR experiences to keep you going!

Watch gigs in VR with Melody VR: You may not be able to go to Glastonbury Festival this year, but you can still get dressed up to watch and dance to your favorite artists by attending gigs, shows, concerts, festivals and exclusive sessions with your favourite bands in VR.

Big Screen VR: Create an avatar of yourself, play games, watch movies and eat virtual popcorn. For the more social, you can sit around the virtual campfire and make friends with Voice Chat.

CineVR: Support cinema and buy 3D movies to watch with up to 8 friends, creating that audience feeling to fully immerse yourself in.

Beat Saber: Practice your musical timing, while adding some gentle exercise to the mix. In this game the aim is to slash the notes as they come at you, providing a cathartic dance routine in your living room.

VR Chat: A social platform with a fast growing community of online gamers. Create your virtual world and interact with other avatars - just watch out for mirrors in this game as they will trap you. You do not want to be virtually quarantined in quarantine!

Drunken Bar Fight: Keep it silly and simple with this interactive game; ever wanted to have a bar fight without the conviction? Get yourself a virtual (or real) drink and head into this game where you can throw chairs, bottles, darts and to be honest anything you can really see, and let off some steam.

Within: Watch extraordinary 360 videos, from documentaries of the absurd to feel-good animations and more. Within is one of many platforms that host a wide selection of 360 videos.

Half Life: Alyx: Only the most popular VR game at the moment, where you become humanity’s last chance of survival against the unobtainable and ominous aliens, known as the Combine. It’s (still) not Half Life 3 but it is the third full-length Half Life feature… and it’s VR!

IMMERSE: As international travel continues to be a thing of the past, get your headset on for a VR adventure. IMMERSE has been validated as ‘The best underwater 360 film out there’. Immerse yourself in the oceans inside your Oculus Quest.

Virtual reality tour of the Van Gogh Museum Take a virtual reality tour of the Van Gogh museum and experience the grand masterpieces in the comfort of your own home.

When reality shuts its doors and we are stuck indoors, immerse yourself in virtual reality; it can add some excitement to the day!