We’ve changed the name of our AI platform, fourpiAI, to copernicAI, in anticipation of the upcoming release of AI models for spherical 360° data. There are two reasons for this name change.

Firstly, our other products also feature the copernic prefix and so we wanted to unify all of our product names. Secondly, and perhaps of more interest, our copernic nomenclature is inspired by a man called Nicolaus Copernicus.

As elaborated in a previous post, Nicolaus Copernius was a 16th century astronomer who first proposed the Heliocentric model of the solar system, with the Sun — rather than Earth — at its centre. The modern Copernican Principle takes this a step further and states that there is no special place or special observer in the Universe.

These concepts reflect the ethos of all of our products, where there is no special observer position in our immersive experiences, since we allow the user to move anywhere, and our AI platform democratises geometric AI, particularly for spherical 360° data.

Look out for more copernicAI announcements in the near future, with the release of models for spherical 360° data coming very soon!