Following the success of our recent demos, we are excited to announce that copernic360 is moving out of beta with release 1.0!

copernic360 eliminates the major cause of cyber motion sickness in today’s 360° VR experiences and greatly enhances presence so that users can spend more time enjoying 360° content.

Release 1.0 overhauls the copernic360 6DOF experience, allowing for more accurate and complex 360° scenes. On top of this we’ve implemented several big changes into the front-end plugin, which makes integration into existing workflows much more straightforward.

For existing users, the CLI usage is exactly the same. However, Unity users will now find that adding new copernic360 configurations is as simple as dragging-and-dropping a file into the Unity editor.

Alongside this, we have also introduced several new interfaces for copernic360, making project integration easier than ever! See the docs for more information.

And, finally, thank you to our early adopters for their feedback!

With the release of 1.0, our free early adopter programme has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who tried out copernic360 and provided feedback! The plugin is available to download for evaluation purposes. You can also access our free copernic360 demo apps here.