While copernic worlds provide enhanced virtual worlds that are well-suited for virtual tours, their use goes far beyond tours to other immersive experiences that can give storytelling a new lease of life.

As we discussed in this previous post, copernic worlds provides for new forms of spatial immersive storytelling that allows users to take agency in exploring alternative perspectives within the virtual world. The user is free to choose where they go in the virtual world and so can take different routes through a story depending on where they go.

A key component of delivering a different immersive experience to a user depending on where they go in the virtual world is audio. The audio must clearly vary to reflect the location of the user in the virtual world.

copernic worlds now supports spatially varying audio to provide spatial storytelling and more immersive virtual tours. We have some pilots supporting spatially varying audio in the works that we’ll be able to talk more about soon. Watch this space!