The uptake of VR headsets is growing dramatically. Nevertheless, for a lot of users their first entry into immersive experiences is on a mobile device since smartphones are so ubiquitous.

While 360° VR experiences can be enjoyed on mobile devices simply by swiping the screen to rotate a 360° photo or video, more immersive experiences are realised by using your phone as a portal into another world.

Mobile devices can be used to provide a portal into virtual worlds.

For portal experiences, the screen displays part of the 360° virtual world and as you rotate the phone you see a different part of the world. The phone therefore acts as a portal through which you can see another virtual world.

However, with current technology you can look about in this virtual world but you can’t move through it. For example, if you try to move your portal, i.e. phone, toward something to get a closer look, the virtual view doesn’t change at all. In a sense the position of the portal is always frozen in the virtual world.

Just as copernic360 unlocks your view in a VR headset to allow you to move about in the virtual world, it can also allow you to move around in portal experiences of virtual worlds running on mobile devices.

copernic360 is now available for mobile devices to provide more immersive and realistic experiences for mobile portals into 360° VR content. To try a demo of copernic360 on mobile, head on over to our product page where you can ‘Request a demo’. If you’re interested in copernic360 for your mobile 360° experiences drop us a line!