While copernic360 allows you to step inside 360° photos and videos, you generally remain restricted to the scene from a single camera view. Hotspots can be used to jump between camera views but it has not previously been possible to walk through large scale virtual worlds.

We’ve been hard at work developing a way to build large-scale virtual worlds, simply from 360° photos and videos, that can be explored seamlessly.

Today we’re excited to announce copernic worlds.

copernic worlds builds on copernic360 to provide large-scale virtual worlds that you can move seamlessly through, either in VR or on the web. Since you’re free to move anywhere, and are no longer frozen to camera positions, copernic worlds creates a much more immersive experience than traditional virtual tours.

copernic worlds are constructed purely from 360° photos or videos captured with standard 360° cameras, making acquisition cheap and fast. Any environment is supported: indoor, outdoor, a mixture, or anything else.

To learn more about copernic worlds check out our related product page or get in touch!