Following the success of the alpha version of copernic360, we’re excited to release a beta version today!

copernic360 eliminates the major cause of cyber motion sickness in today’s 360° VR experiences and greatly enhances presence so that users can spend more time enjoying 360° content!

Since releasing the alpha version of copernic360 in April 2019, we’ve run a number of successful pilots and proof of concepts (POCs), and received a lot of feedback. The beta version of copernic360 incorporates a number of improvements and new features. It is generally more stable, 360° content configurations are greatly improved, and many user interface improvements have been made to the API.

We’re of course still working hard to continually bring new features and improvements. We have further exciting new features coming very soon.

To try a free demo of copernic360, head on over to our product page where you can ‘Request a demo’. Alternatively, if you wish to see some of your own content with copernic360’s beta version, click on the ‘Get access’ link and follow the instructions there.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!