An article featuring Kagenova has recently been published by AIXR, a world renowned, not-for-profit trade body for the immersive industries in their Insights Magazine.

Kagenova was spotted as ‘The UK’s Hottest VR Startup’ and specifically recognised for their copernic360 technology:

“By providing 6DOF 360° VR experiences, copernic360 converts 360° VR content into explorable virtual worlds, so that the user can not only look around but also move around to explore the scene. This eliminates the biggest cause of cyber motion sickness and greatly enhances realism and, in turn, the user’s sense of presence. Users can spend more time viewing 360° VR content and enjoy more engaging experiences, from storytelling, entertainment and live events, training and retail, to promoting empathy, and more.”

Check out the full article in AIXR’s Insights Magazine!